ArmA 3 Alpha: A fully commented description.ext for quickly setting up your missions

March 10th, 2013


I have put together a fully commented description.ext file to speed up the process of customizing missions. It contains documentation and examples of all parameters. Simply uncomment the parameter you would like to use, set it’s value, and save.

This file is only meant as a starting point. Depending on the size of your mission, you may consider separating definitions into external hpp-files using the #include preprocessor directive. This method is generally a good idea because it splits a large description.ext file into several smaller chunks making it easier to keep track of what’s where.

Where to use this file

The description.ext file should be placed in your mission folder. A mission folder will automatically be created the first time you save your mission in the Editor. This is generally located in “<My Documents>\Arma 3 Alpha\missions\<Mission Name>.<Map Name>\”.

If you cannot find your mission folder, please reference Locations of Mission Files in the ArmA wiki.


Since ArmA 3 is still in it’s infancy, this file may be missing any newly created parameters. If you know of a new ArmA 3 parameter, missing from this file, please leave a comment and I will update. The same goes for any old parameters that are now deprecated.

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