ArmA 3 Alpha: TL_killCounter, a kill counter that tracks the total number of AI kills a player has

March 21st, 2013


TL_killCounter is a script that you can include in any mission to have a simple kill counter. The kill counter increments with each OPFOR kill. This script is currently only for single player missions.

This script is primarily an example of how a kill counter can be implemented. It is very basic, but feel free to expand on the code. You can leave any feature requests you’d like to see implemented, in the comments.

Update April 3, 2013: I combined the previous code into a single file so it can be included in any mission. All variables are prefixed with TL_ to avoid naming conflicts.

Player has zero kills.
Player has 1 kill.
Kill counter updates to 2.


Use the following code to setup the kill counter.


Download TL_killCounter.sqf to your mission folder.

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