ArmA 3 Alpha: Make an OPFOR unit move to a waypoint when an event is triggered without scripting


In this scenario, we will use a trigger to make an OPFOR group move towards a specific waypoint when the player enters a certain location.

Everything will be done in the editor, and no scripting is needed. This method has the benefit of allowing you to customize formation, speed, behavior, and combat mode of the OPFOR group through a GUI interface.

In the Editor

  1. Create a BLUFOR spawn.
  2. Create an OPFOR group at the initial location you want them to start at.
  3. Select the squad leader of the OPFOR group.
  4. Create a waypoint directly in front of the squad leader. Set the type to HOLD.
  5. Create a waypoint where you want the OPFOR group to move when the trigger is activated. Set the type to MOVE.
  6. Create a trigger, set the type to SWITCH, and setup your desired activation.
  7. Using the synchronize tool, left click and hold on the trigger then drag and release on the HOLD waypoint. A connecting line should be displayed indicating they are synced.


Testing shows that units will always move to their first waypoint regardless of a trigger. The HOLD waypoint keeps the OPFOR group where they initially start.

The trigger type must be set to SWITCH or the group will not change from HOLD to MOVE.