ArmA 3 Alpha: Scripting an assassination plot for single player missions with consequences for killing civilians


In this scenario, the player must assassinate an OPFOR General and confirm his death by checking his body. The player must not kill more than 3 civilians in the process.

If the player kills a civilian, a warning message is displayed showing how many civilians the player has killed and how many kills they are allowed left before the mission ends. If the player kills 3 civilians, the game ends. If the player confirms the General’s death the game goes on, but will still end if the player kills 3 civilians.

In the Editor

  1. Create a BLUFOR spawn
  2. Create a single OPFOR unit with a name of “Target_General”
  3. Place a minimum of 3 civilians.

Other units can be added if desired.

Mission Files

Create or extract the files to your mission folder.
Read more on where to find mission files in the biki.


// Has the general's body been searched?
generalSearched = false;

// Current number of civilians
// the player has killed
deadCivilianCount = 0;

// Maximum number of civilians the player is
// allowed to kill before the mission ends
maxDeadCivilians = 3;

// The General the player is trying to kill
_general = Target_General;

// FUNCTION: Record a civilian's death and
// alert the player of his actions
FNC_record_civilian_death =
    // Increase civilian death count and
    // calculate number of allowed kills left
    deadCivilianCount = deadCivilianCount + 1;
    _civilianKillsLeft = maxDeadCivilians - deadCivilianCount;

    // Check if player has reached the kill limit
    if(_civilianKillsLeft == 0) then {
        [] spawn FNC_reached_max_civilian_deaths;

    // Display warning message if player
    // hasn't reach kill limit
    else {

        _msg = "%1 civilian";

        // Add an "s" to civilian if kills are greater than 1
        if(deadCivilianCount == 1) then {
            _msg = _msg + " has";
        else {
            _msg = _msg + "s have";

        _msg = _msg + " been killed. The mission is over if you kill %2 more!";

        // Output message to player
        hint format [_msg, deadCivilianCount, _civilianKillsLeft];


// FUNCTION: Called when player has killed
// too many civilians. Display a message,
// and end the mission.
FNC_reached_max_civilian_deaths =
    hint "You killed too many innocent civilians!";
    sleep 5;
    endMission "END2";

// FUNCTION: Called when player has killed
// the general. Tell player to confirm the death.
FNC_general_killed = 
    hint "The general is down. You must confirm his death!";

// Add the "Confirm death" action to the general's dead body
_general addAction ["Confirm death", "confirmDeath.sqf", [], 1, false, true, "!alive _general && generalSearched == false"];

// Add an event to the general's death
// that calls FNC_general_killed
_general addEventHandler ["killed", { [] spawn FNC_general_killed }];

// Add an event to every civilian's death
// that calls FNC_record_civilian_death
    if(side _x == Civilian && _x isKindOf "Man") then {
        _x addEventHandler ["killed", { [] spawn FNC_record_civilian_death }];
} foreach allUnits;


// Remove "Confirm death" action from general
_gen = _this select 0;
_caller = _this select 1;
_id = _this select 2;
_gen removeAction _id;

// We've searched the general
generalSearched = true;

// Tell player the mission was successful
hint "You have confirmed the general is dead. Mission accomplished!";

// Optionally, End the mission
//sleep 5;
//endMission "END1"